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Horse'n Around

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Improve Posture and Relieve Back Pain

QOR360 chairs are designed to improve posture and relieve back pain by allowing your hips and spine to tip, gently aligning into a natural, more comfortable position.

For a 10% discount, use the coupon code: JILLIAN

For a 10% discount, use the coupon code: JILLIAN

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Author, trainer, and clinician Mark Russell's techniques are accessible to riders of all disciplines. Viewers learn techniques to relax, supple, and develop their horses gymnastically in hand before performing the exercises from the saddle.

For a Discount, use the coupon code: JILLIAN 


The Chinese character chi represents the life-process or energy flow that sustains all living things. In this DVD, you'll learn techniques to lower your breath, relax and supple your body, and achieve a stable and balanced position while in motion, as you are when riding.

For a Discount, use the coupon code: JILLIAN 

Join JJ Tate on a journey to discover your BEST self!


As the protégé of Master Classical Horseman, Charles de Kunffy, JJ is committed to honoring the horse in her training.

This philosophy aligns with Jillian's teachings.

Jillian herself is student of Classical Dressage and enjoys learning from JJ Tate.

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