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We hope you enjoy this explanation of how your horse's tongue is directly attached to their sternum, scapula, and inner ear.

As always, Jillian is a wealth of functional anatomical knowledge and Wendy Murdoch has done some amazing things with her Sure Foot pads!

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Have a listen as Jillian answers questions, tells stories, and offers educational and inspirational insights into the world of functional anatomy.


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  • Equestrian Power Podcast

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Jillian's NEW Course on Equitopia!

You may remember that I presented at an online conference last month for Equitopia. Speakers from the USA and the UK took to Zoom over two intense days to share our collective knowledge and wisdom on a topic that concerns all of us -  Asymmetry. 


Equitopia has now turned the presentations from the event into an online course for the benefit of those who attended as well as anyone who didn't make it. Over the past few weeks, all of us speakers have made additional recordings to address participants' questions submitted during the conference.


If you are interested in understanding this topic better, this course will definitely help you on your journey.

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The Art of The Horseman


The Art of The Horseman is offering amazing masterclass sessions led by some of the top horseman & equine professionals in the business (including Jillian)! 

  • Jillian encourages all of her students to remain committed to their pursuit of knowledge during this time of social distancing.

  • Take advantage of the many ways we can continue to learn about training and maintaining sound horses!

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