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JK Inspired is not only a brand - it's a lifestyle rooted in the belief that contributing to the wellbeing of your horse's mind, body, and spirt will foster more meaningful and lasting results.

As a lifelong equestrian, Jillian Kreinbring's passion has been shaped to focus on what is healthy for ridden horses. A desire to understand horses at a deeper level took her on a learning journey to discover how the horse’s functional anatomy creates dynamic riding posture.


Jillian is constantly working to bring her experience and knowledge to you whether at Se Raeda for individual or group training, at live events hosted around the world, or on-demand through a membership to the Se Raeda Review where you can work at your own pace.

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Se Raeda Review Membership

Make Decisions Based in Confidence and Understanding.

Feel empowered to be a part of your horse’s team and become enlightened to 'the why' behind the application.

Join Jillian at Se Raeda Ranch as she takes you through practical application skills, answers questions, and gives a behind the scenes look into her relationship with her horses. 


Docu-Lecture / Course 1: Functional Anatomy 

Now available online!

Functional Anatomy is the first of four courses Jillian teaches at hosted events around the world.

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