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Live Online Lessons with Jillian Kreinbring

Jillian is now offering live lessons via Zoom!

How it works:


  1. Create a Zoom account from your smartphone.

  2. You will need a quality cell connection where you will be riding.

  3. You need a Bluetooth headset that connects to your phone.

  4. A helper to film your ride is ideal but there are automatic tripod systems designed to follow you.

  5. Payment could be made via PayPal or check

  6. Bring a bit of patience and extra time, in the beginning, to allow yourself to get accustomed to the Zoom lesson format.


Visual Suggestions

  • The camera person will capture you best by standing in the middle of the arena, tracking your movement, and holding the camera as still as possible to avoid vibration.

  • Be aware of glare from the sun or shadows.

  • Take a few minutes to be sure that Jillian has a good view.  

  • Horse should have contrasting equipment such as saddle pad and boots/wraps

  • Rider should wear contrasting clothing

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