Working Student

Come Learn From Jillian for 3-months or more!

We understand that students have varying levels of experience and curiosity about Jillian's program so we have created some options:

Option #1 - Partial Work Exchange - $80

  • Average of 3-hours of chores daily

Option #2 - Full Work Exchange

  • Average of 6 hours of chores daily

  • If you are capable of handling the farm when Jillian and Casey are away - the exchange is worth more. Please inquire if interested. 

  • You will have access to JK Inspired horses for lessons in-hand 

  • Access to grounds to watch how the horses are managed

  • No videos may be taken of Jillian working 

  • No horses and No dogs should join you during your stay.

  • Professional behavior and work ethic are expected.

  • You agree to be featured on video or in photographs for use on the website, advertising or similar  

  • While Jillian is actively working with a horse, no questions are allowed. 

    • Please note your questions to be addressed later.

Each working student is responsible for:
  • Transportation

  • Airfare  

  • Equipment - Protective footwear, certified safety helmet, and anything you require to be comfortable and prepared

  • Meals

  • Lodging - BnBs in Comfort are recommended!

Example Chores:
  • Sweeping pavilion

  • Racking alley

  • Clean tack

  • Makeup hay bags

  • Check water

  • Bringing horses in and out

  • Grooming in the Arena with Jillian

  • Assisting farrier

  • Picking Paddocks

"After taking Jillian's Biomechanics course and completing Course 2: Rhythm, it was a total treat meet her personal horses.  Jillian's vast knowledge and sensitivity to the horse shines through in her teaching and her horses are proof; the way she works with them produces wonderful relaxation, balance, and lightness in the body and mind of the horse.  My time at Jillian's farm was very special and I enjoyed observing her routines. 
When Jillian works with a horse, it's as if she is playing an instrument.  It was truly beautiful and artistic! Jillian is a wonderful person and I am confident I'm on the right path when continuing to study with her.  This is exactly the type of connection and experience I want with the horses in my life.  I am eager for the next opportunity!"
Amanda morrick
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