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Training In Texas

Mentorship Experience

Jillian pours her heart into her work and she is happy to share

every drop of knowledge that you can soak up.

Enjoy this full access experience with Jillian & Casey. 

  • Five days in Texas 10AM - 3PM (Horse Time)

  • Daily Homemade Lunch & Snacks

  • Access to Jillian personal horses for In-hand work

  • ​Lessons under saddle: Bring your own horse or ask about local lesson horses to lease. 

  • Over 25 Hours of Lessons in 5 days.

  • Q&A can cover: Functional Anatomy, Training Techniques, Osteo Bodywork, Dental & Trimming  

  • Ask about staying on location with RV Rental. 





Thank you! We'll be in touch ASAP.

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