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Training In Texas

Mentorship Experience

Jillian pours her heart into her work and she is happy to share

every drop of knowledge that you can soak up.

Enjoy this full access experience!

  • Seven days in Texas 

    • One day off mid week​ 

  • Lunch with Jillian included​

  • Schedule lessons as you wish with your horse or hers

    • In hand only with Jillian's horses​

  • Engage and ask questions all day long as ​Jillian works with all her horses

    • Ask as many questions as you wish!




Individual Training

45-min lessons with Jillian

Mounted or In-hand

With your Horse on site:


With Jillian's horse (in-hand):



Which experience are you intersted in?

Thank you! We'll be in touch ASAP.

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