Welcome To The Manolo Mendez Master Clinic May 2023 Page

We at Se Raeda Ranch and JK Inspired are beyond excited to offer the United States the rare opportunity to study with a true Master, Manolo Mendez! Not only will he offer riding and in hand education he also offers us a glimpse into his rich Spanish riding culture and Doma Vaquera. Manolo has become a well known name within the horse industry because of his unique culmination of equine experience, ability to ride and train horses from a healthy perspective, and his talent to teach his skills to students. 


For those who are unfamiliar with Manolo, he was the first Head Rider and one of six founding members of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, based in Jerez, Spain. The school is one of only four classical riding schools in the world: The Cadre Noir of Saumur, France; The Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria; and the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art in Lisbon, Portugal. 

One of many attributes making Manolo’s career unique, is his ability to continually grow, adapt, and intuitively apply his horsemanship skills for the betterment of the horse human relationship. Manolo has a way with horses which focuses on softness, relaxation, healing, and well-being of their body and mind at ALL levels of training.


Biomechanically Manolo’s work is correct, backed by science, yet watching Manolo sculpt horses into healthy postures is like watching art in motion. Simply stated, Manolo’s conviction to put the horse first is rare indeed.


Manolo works with all levels of riders, equine health care professionals, breeds of horses, and any discipline. Please visit his website or email Kate & Manolo for Cavesson questions. https://www.manolomendezdressage.com/


**Pending Manolo's VISA!**

Rider Updates:

Riders Videos are in Review until Nov 1st - 3rd.

Only 24 Rider Spaces & 60 Auditor Spaces Available. 

Cost per Rider: $2995.00 (payment in full or split payment after Nov 1st)

Cost per Auditing: $1150 

Application Submission and Review Timeline:

Sept.15th, 2022 - Registration Opens

Oct. 15th, 2022 - Registration Closes

Nov. 1st - 3rd, 2022 - Selected Riders Notified

Clinic Schedule Sunday Evenings - Saturday Morning:

Rider & Auditor Time Blocks

Week 1 April 30 - May 5        

Week 2 May 7 – 12                

Week 3 May 14 – 19              

       Week 4 May 21 – 26                     

Auditing Clinic Package Includes:

* Sunday night meet and greet 6:30pm

* Auditing 5 days of lessons

* Coffee, tea, & daily snacks

* 5 family style sit down lunches with Manolo, other riders, and auditors

* Wednesday night lecture with Jillian and Casey

* Friday night closing & wrap up

* A swag bag of goodies

Rider Clinic Package Includes:

* Sunday night meet and greet 6:30pm

* 5 one-hour private lessons and auditing of other lessons for the week

* Coffee, tea, & daily snacks

* 5 family style sit down lunches with Manolo, other riders, and auditors

* Friday night closing & wrap up

* Wednesday night lecture with Jillian and Casey

* A recording of all lessons for the week

* A swag bag of goodies

* 6 nights stall/cleaned daily/manure removal

* Turn out and stall options

* 6 bags of shavings

What to Expect with Application:

After submitting Rider Application and  fee, Manolo and Kate will review videos until Oct 31st.  

Decisions are made based upon horse’s fitness level and soundness.

Event Location: Watch for Posted MM Event Signs:

Se Raeda Ranch

30 Bennitt Road (Brown Private Road Sign)

Boerne, Texas

512-767-2556 - Text Casey  for questions, directions, hauling info or help. 

I10 to FM 1621 Waring Exit is better with horse trailer & Hwy 290 to FM 1376 better for horse trailer!