Dynamic Postural


A Collaborative Approach

The combined expertise of Casey Jones and Jillian Kreinbring is a
potent program for re-educating horses in their movement patterns.

Assessing Movement

After receiving care that influences the horse's perception of awareness, it is important to address how the horse's brain has patterned movements in order to repair the foundation of stability and control for improved safety and results.

Repatterning Process

Casey and Jillian apply practical techniques to balance the cybernetic and global muscles

thereby developing new neural patterns for dynamic posture.​



Horses selected for this program will receive personalized care directly from Casey and Jillian

on-site at their farm in Boerne, Texas for a minimum of three (3) months. Every aspect of your horse's daily life will be designed and monitored under the careful, expert attention from Jillian and Casey.


During the last week of the program, owners experience an integration to their horse's education.  



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