When openings are available, training for your horse can be scheduled with a minimum 3-month contract. Focus is on training the horse to carry itself in a weight-bearing posture and softness in the bridle, using both in-hand and under-saddle exercises. Another primary focus is developing a healthy human-horse relationship, to create a safe space for learning.

If you are interested in training or to determine if your horse and you are a good fit for the program, please email Jillian or call 512.767.2556 for more information.

Still buzzing from the most amazing weekend at Jillian Kreinbring’s Equine Biomechanics Course at Firehawk Ranch. Thank you Jeannette! What a wonderful time to learn and laugh with a fabulous group of horsewomen. Feeling so blessed and grateful. Jillian is a brilliant teacher and her knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy is mind boggling.

Thank you Jillian for sharing your knowledge and passion for the well being of the horse!

Elizabeth Weathersby