Jillian bases her business from the beautiful Hy Court Farm in Cedar Creek, Texas, a short drive from Austin. Opportunities to learn from Jillian include:

Local and distant consultations

Jillian offers hourly consultations for clients in person, on the phone, or via the web.

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Individual lessons locally and at course venues

Jillian is available at Hy Court Farm for haul-in lessons on Mondays or by appointment.

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Quarterly weekend lessons days at Hy Court Farm.

Jillian teaches quarterly lessons on the weekends at Hy Court Farm.  There are apartment accommodations to rent and paddocks for those who are interested in spending the weekend at the farm.

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Connected Riding® lessons and clinics specific to that method

Jillian is proud to be a Senior Connected Riding instructor and offers workshops and lessons specific to this method.

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Private weekend learning packages at Hy Court Farm based on individual student needs

For those looking for a more intimate learning experience, Jillian offers students a private weekend package by appointment at Hy Court Farm.

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A weekend lecture series on equine movement and posture

  • Biomechanics Lecture Series – Understanding Equine Movement to Realize Your Horse’s Potential                                              ***prerequisite for 3-day courses***

To strengthen and enhance equine well-being, it is important to ride and work horses in healthy postures. Throughout this course, students will connect the why and how of balance and collection to understand how a horse’s anatomy, muscular development, and movement patterns affect his performance under saddle.

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Three-day courses taught as a continuation of and practicum for the information in the original lecture series

  • Course 1: Rhythm – The First Riding Necessity
  • Course 2: Relaxation – A Stepping Stone Toward Building Postural Strength & Health
  • Course 3: Suppleness – Creating Elasticity & Mobility of Joints
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Host lecture or clinic

Are you interested in hosting a clinic or lecture? Click Learn More for guidelines on hosting an event at your location.


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