Jillian is available for haul-in lessons on Mondays or by appointment. Additionally, Jillian teaches quarterly lessons on the weekends.

Jillian is also available for lessons on the days she’s traveling to/from her lectures. If you would like to trailer-in for a lesson with your horse at one of the host venues where Jillian is teaching, email the host for that event to check her availability.

Please visit the calendar to view upcoming dates, email Jillian or call 512.767.2556 for more information.

Jillian is very well on her way to being one of the most important people in the equine world and this is happening before our eyes. I watched Jillian teach beautifully and kindly and with an extraordinary amount of insight; she referenced Mark multitudes of times and was able to put his teaching not only into words, but into her hands during demonstrations, and into her eyes as she helped students along with their horses. Along with referencing Mark throughout the clinic she also referenced Manolo Méndez just as frequently. She was able to join the work of both masters depending on where the horse was and where the student was and it all segued into a pretty amazing phenomenon to witness.

Throughout her presentations and lessons Jillian also referenced Peggy Cummings and Stephanie Millham as she was able to bring so many great minds and their wisdom together. To all of this she layered her own personal experience through her studies and research in equine biomechanics. She also infused her personal learning as a student of Tai Chi; and her brilliance became evident. Mark is very much smiling.

Mark had always wanted all of his students to ride with Jillian. And that certainly holds true today, perhaps even more so as Jillian grows moment to moment. She is particularly relevant to professionals, equine bodyworkers, natural horse trimmers, veterinarians, trainers, and teachers. And of course all levels of riders for whom the only requirement is that they wish to learn about their horse’s movement, their horse’s health, and their horse’s psyche.

Hela Russell, Natural Dressage